Saturday, October 16, 2010

Between the Layers--AAQI art quilt

Between the Layers, Art Quilt, 9" x 12"
© 2010 Fannie Narte
This is one of the art quilts I recently shipped to AAQI.  I hope it makes it to Houston for Festival next month to help raise funds for Alzheimer's research.

The Inspiration
"Between the Layers" of life's experiences can be found treasured memories.  If you look under the layers of the Alzheimer's patient's repeated storytelling and look in between the ruffles of confusion, you'll see their cherished memories; you'll see you, and you'll know you are loved.


Regina said...

I love this - the colors, texture, design...

Sorry I haven't been checking in on you lately. I'm passing on a blog award to you that you can pick up here

Fannie said...

Thanks, Regina. Nice to see you.