Friday, October 15, 2010

Morning Painting #15

Morning Painting #15

Have a great weekend.


Lucy said...

Wanted to tell you what an inspiration you have been. Lousy job, teenagers, etc - life could not have been more stressful. I am a quliter. Last month I saw your flower in the Little Book of Quilts and a light bulb went off. I LOVE neocolors. Every day I am creating a new block, small wall hanging, or just thinking about art. Thank you!!! Just one question; what type of ink or marker do you use to write on cloth? I have tried perm markers but it bled and ruined a memory quilt I made

Fannie said...

Hi, Lucy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Love it that you've found inspiration here and that you're creating something every day. Thank you for sharing.

I use several different inks for marking on cloth: gutta resists in clear, white, black, gold, white and silver; India inks and black fabric markers are some of my favorites. The inks are applied with eye droppers or a bamboo skewer (the kind you use to barbecue), syringes, or anything that can be used to stamp. Hope this helps. Keep creating. Enjoy ♥♫♥