Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Morning Painting #27

Morning Painting #27
If you compare this painting to the one in yesterday's post, today's Morning Painting is an example of a painting that "feels" safe.  Yesterday's painting shows the results of taking a risk--going outside of my "safe place" and trying new things while feeling vulnerable knowing that I may end up with a muddy mess, but having the courage to stay the course and explore and add new layers and let myself make mistakes, make mud, feel uncomfortable doing things that feel strange, strange because I am operating in unexplored territories, understanding that the rewards found in the "process" are different than the rewards found in the end result--the finished piece.

Improvement, growth, transformative changes, etc. are intangible rewards that are found in the process of exploring. The finished piece is a gift of the experience.  Every experience, every exploration, every finished piece takes me closer to "my" art.

My art is like me--a work in progress.

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