Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning Painting #28

Morning Painting #28
© 2010 Fannie Narte
Another benefit of Morning Paintings . . . gifts of poetry.  Recently I spent a morning in my garden pruning my rose tree while a bee and a few butterflies danced around me.  Bees and butterflies or him and her, life is a brief moment in time before we say Good Night . . . until tomorrow.

Good Night, See You Tomorrow

Has anyone seen
Rosie?  She was here
yesterday.  Where did she

We had a great time
drinking honey and making

circle 8's

We played

and danced
and sang
and giggled

and visited with
friends and family and

had so much fun

At the end of
the day, Rosie said
Good Night and I waved
Good Bye.

We made promises

Good Night,

See you tomorrow.

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