Thursday, October 7, 2010

Morning Painting #7

Morning Painting #7
When the painting dries, magic happens, and the piece gently tells me its story. 
The welcoming path is clear before me.  My eyes enter the scene between that tall pine tree to the left and the cluster of winter trees to the right.  Hungry bluebirds and chatty squirrels follow my footprints in the white cotton candy snow hoping to gather a few crumbs from my pocket.  The icicles glisten like diamonds and the pair of cardinals happily sing their songs of devotion . . .

No one knows I'm looking for the snow queen.

I see wintery magic.  What do you see?


WoolenSails said...

I love what you wrote, says it all.
I definitely need to make creative time for myself, I think I am getting stale;)


Fannie said...

Hi, Debbie. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Creative time is good. Hope you find some magic too. ♥♫♥