Friday, October 8, 2010

Morning Painting #8

 Morning Painting #8

Gold and purple feels "royal." 

A simple morning painting 
with a bit of color, 
leaving blank, white spaces
for spontaneous bursts of creativity and 
artful meanderings 
and flexibility 
and . . . a bit of magic . . .

Like my philosophy of life: 
living each day simply,
with a bit of laughter, 
reserving empty time slots on the day's calendar,
for spontaneous bursts of travel and
curious wanderings
and flexibility
and . . . a bit of magic . . .

Leave room for magic . . .  I wonder how many people will see the magic . . . one, two, three . . . none?


Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie!!! you are so clever and I love that you are leaving this piece to our have a wonderful way of describing things...amazing what we can see on your blank canvas!!!


Fannie said...

Hi, Diana. I count you as "one" who saw magic and played with your imagination. Thank you. ♥♫♥