Friday, October 1, 2010

Morning Paintings--A 365-Day Challenge

Morning Painting #1
Morning Paintings--A 365-Day Challenge

A "365-Day Challenge" . . . that sounds sca-reeee, doesn't it?

Does "A One-Year Challenge" sound less scary?  

I think goals should be reachable with a little room for stretching, and it should also feel "challenging," but not paralyzing.  I'm actually excited about this challenge, and I'm also excited to share it with you.  I am hopeful that I can meet this challenge.  This is why:  When I began my blogging journey three years ago, I gave myself a one-year everyday blogging goal and not only completed that goal but surpassed it.  Can I do this?

I am having so much fun doing my morning paintings each day.  It's become a habit, a good habit.  I am yet to discover all of the magical rewards from this daily practice.  It's a confidence booster.  It provides a daily experience of feeling "success"-- it's instant gratification.

Several of my morning paintings were included in my art quilts.  Morning paintings, my daily creations inspired by "morning pages" by Julia Cameron, are quick and easy artful journal paintings on silk, cotton or fabric paper.  I spend no more than 20 minutes per painting.  Oftentimes, it takes 15 minutes, and sometimes less.

Do you want to join me in this challenge?  I don't know how many of you are out there reading this, but it sure would be fun to have companions in this one-year journey.  I sure would enjoy seeing your magical morning paintings.

Ready, set . . . jump on the train . . . let's go!