Friday, November 5, 2010

Houston International Quilt Festival 2010

Yoyo Quilt
Remember making yoyo's?  I made tons which were turned into pot holders.  Many of them have not found homes yet and can be found in my fabric stashes . . . sadly . . . orphaned.
Yoyo quilt close-up
The quilt design and rainbow of colors pulled me away from another exhibit.  Were those really yoyo's?  Yep!
Swarovski crystals embellished quilt
Okay, this was one of the heavily embellished Swarovski crystals quilts that I drooled over.  I love, love, love using Swarovski crystals in my art quilts, and seeing these quilts have reinspired me.  I usually sparingly sprinkle two or three crystals over the surface of my quilts.  These quilts were on fire!
Swarovski quilt close-up
Sorry, but these photos do not show the amazing shimmer and shine, but the design and quilting of this piece is amazing.

Saw all of the winning quilts up close and all the quilt exhibits.  Enjoyed Hollis Chatelain's, et al., "Imagine Hope" exhibit.  I finally met Ami in person working hard with the other angels at the AAQI booth at Festival.  Also got my AAQI lapel pin and matching earrings.  Cute!

Also spent a good amount of time at the Stewart Gill paint booth being tutored.  I found some colors that I "had" to add to my already large collection at home.

Lots more to see and a few more pennies to add to Houston's economy.  So much fun!  Wish you were here.


Jacq said...

The pictures are amazing. I'm so happy you are enjoying the festival. Wish I was there.

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Thanks for the photo's, a good thing to see different people's quilt choices.