Sunday, November 7, 2010

Morning Painting #38

Morning Painting #38
This is a painting on linen.  The writing was added to the surface of the image of the painting using PhotoShop in order to preserve my journal writing, which often gets lost in the paint.  Doing this gives me the freedom to harvest my writings for future essays and poems. 

I like the way this turned out.  I think I will continue to use this two-step process in my Morning Paintings.  This process is quicker because I don't need to wait for the writing to dry before painting or vice versa.  A good evolution.  ♥♫♥


Wow!  My first trip to Festival was amazing!  I walked the aisles until my feet hurt.  The "Sightline" and "Creative Force" SAQA exhibits were amazing.  Festival goers were privileged to see 140 of 500 of the art quilts, which can be found in the book "500 Art Quilts" published by Lark Books.  I gained an appreciation for the work of those who changed the way the world sees art quilts.  I enjoyed working with fellow SAQA members and learned a lot just by listening.


Everything at Festival was inspiring.  So many ideas dancing in my head. 

Every artist learns by emulation, by study, by experimenting, by doing.  I can see how each trip, each online class, each interaction with fellow artists, each art quilt, each magazine publication, each book read, each stroll on the web, each mess and muck, each fearless mark, each moment in contemplation has led me here, right here, to this very moment in time, this second, a time when I see my art clearer, clearer than I could see it yesterday, clearer than I could see it last week, clearer than I could see it a month ago, clearer than I could see it a year ago.

I believe it is the desire of every artist to create art that is unique, unlike her art or his art or that art.  I feel grateful to be in a space that I can say with confidence that I understand how to take what's in my heart, all the songs I hear that make me feel like dancing, how to take all of those emotions and combine them with the techniques that I've collected over the years and produce visual representations of me, visual representations of my heart, the things I feel inside that words cannot fully express or correctly portray, and only the marks I make and the color choices I make, and the fearless steps I must take to allow what's inside to reveal itself without judgment on the outside. 

Learning never ends.  I love to learn new things.  I like it when the path ahead becomes brighter.  There's still lots to learn, but at this point in my learning process, I understand how to let the songs I hear in my heart dance to the art of LOVE. 

Now I need to practice putting these songs into and onto my art quilts so that all who see will not only hear my heart songs but will also hear their own songs.

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