Friday, November 19, 2010

Morning Painting #50

Morning Painting #50

 CELEBRATE--50 Morning Paintings!

It's amazing how time flies.  This is my 50th MP!

This one is done on silk.  When I paint, I instinctively pick up the same wax crayons, usually blue, purple, pink or yellow, but today I deliberately used five Neocolors that I "never" use.  It felt like I was making "mud," and I thought the dried piece would confirm that idea.

What a surprise!  I like this piece.  It's different.  I like "different."  I guess I'll use more of the colors I "never" use in future paintings.

Once again, this MP journey has taken me outside of my usual zone.  I hope someday I'll be able to say that I create in a space without boundaries.  I'm grateful for this daily practice.

Digital Quilt from MP #50, Moving Outside My Usual Zone

A digital quilt in honor of my dream to create in an infinite space.

Have a great weekend.


Kuulei said...

Me too! No boundaries. :)
I really enjoy the morning paintings!!

Fannie said...

Hey, Kuu. Yep, no boundaries . . . thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts. ♥♫♥