Sunday, November 21, 2010

Morning Painting #52

Morning Painting #52, One Step at a Time
Inspiration for MP #52
Photography is one of my hobbies.  I especially like taking odd-looking pictures that inspire meaningful and random thoughts.  Steps, ladders, and stairs remind me of climbing up, improvement, growth, learning; or it could make me think of climbing down, revisiting history, regret, fixing perceived mistakes, rethinking, redoing.

I visited a renovation site while at Festival a few weeks ago and took many photographs that were meaningful to me, pictures that make me see beyond the images that the camera saw. 

If you were to ask me to describe a person I just met, I would need to think hard about what they were wearing, how tall or short they were, what they wore on their feet, etc.  But ask me what I felt about meeting that person, and I'll ask you to sit a bit, offer you a cup of herbal tea, and tell you all about my new friend. ♥♫♥

I look at photographs the same way as I see people.   I look for symbols and meanings and my imagination takes over.  I have many photos of me in shadow form.  I've often wondered why I like these photos of me.  Maybe its because seeing me in the form of my shadow will force you to see into my heart and not allow you to form opinions based on the color of my hair or the clothes I wear.  Maybe its because I tire of strangers asking me:  "Where are you from"?  Maybe it's because I want to be accepted for the good that I can do or the generosity I am eager to share, rather than the mistakes I will make or the bad I may represent.

Where do I stand?

My shadow stands in a pit among the unwanted, the used, the old, the broken, the dried weeds, the rubble and trash of life.

When the sun goes to sleep, my shadow climbs out of the pit and takes with it the memories of being in the pit, the memories of the things it saw, the things it felt, the things it desired, and dreams of the places it hopes to stand.

I think we all may find ourselves in a pit at one time or another.  When the sun goes down, a new day waits to emerge.  A new day brings with it many mysteries and surprises.

I stand in many different places, but wherever I find myself, "I stand" with open arms.

Seeing beyond the shadows . . .

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