Monday, November 22, 2010

Morning Painting #53

Morning Painting #53, Joy in Every Step

Joy in Every Step

One of my college English professors presented the following case study:  You are one of several passengers who are stranded in a small boat in the middle of the ocean.  You are waiting for the rescue boat.  The boat is too full and unable to safely hold all of the passengers until the rescue boat arrives.  You are in charge of the group.  You need to make a difficult decision.  Who do you sacrifice?  Question:  Do you remove the older passengers and save the younger passengers, or do you remove the younger passengers and save the older passengers?  Explain the reason for your decision.

It was interesting to read the other students' responses and the reasons behind their decisions.

Plan A or Plan B?

Being an independent thinker, my decision was neither A nor B.  Who am I to choose to sacrifice anyone?  The young or the old?  Solid argument could be made for both sides.   I was incapable of making such a decision.  Instead, I came up with another plan, a "C" choice.

Plan C

I chose to take turns.  While waiting to be rescued, each of us would take turns going into the water so the boat could stay afloat until the rescue boat arrives.

My professor emailed me privately and said that in all of the years she taught that English course, no one came up with a "C" choice.  She then asked for permission to use my essay as a sample in her course, and I said "Yes."

Be a Unique Thinker

Some say that walking up the stairs is the only direction you should take--up and forward.  Some say that you shouldn't look back and you should just move forward.  There definitely is wisdom in both sentiments.

Most improvements are done walking upward and forward.  However, sometimes some of us who process information differently need to look back or need to revisit history in order to learn and understand before moving upward and forward.  That would be a "C" choice.

Whichever direction you find yourself walking--up the steps or down the steps--enjoy each step.

Inspiration Photo for MP #53
P.S.  I got an A for my essay and in the course.  

Be a unique thinker.  There's no one else who thinks or draws or sketches or paints or quilts like you.


WoolenSails said...

I was thinking the younger people, since they could stay afloat longer, until rescue. I do tend to not like the answers to most questions and think there should be another. Love your stair piece. I need to get my right side working more again.


Fannie said...

Hi, Debbie. Thanks for sharing your ideas about the case study. It is an interesting question, isn't it? Happy Thanksgiving! ♥♫♥