Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Morning Painting #54

Morning Painting #54, Rain Helps Things Grow
The weather is a favorite topic of conversation, especially for proper women in Victorian times.  My mom usually begins our phone conversations with a variety of weather-like questions:  "How is the weather in Texas?  I  heard there are floods."  Or "How is the weather in Texas?  It hasn't rained here in months."

Or sometimes I'll get two calls in one day.  The first call is a "Hi, how are you doing" kind of call, and the second one is a frantic, "I heard there are tornadoes in your area.  Are you okay?  I just want to hear your voice."  My response usually goes something like:  "I'm fine, Ma.  The tornadoes are in Oklahoma, not in Texas."  She laughs nervously and we talk for a few minutes before hanging up.

Rain is symbolic of cleansing, or a reason that children can't go out to play.  Labels and definitions are interesting in that it drives our thoughts, our actions and our state of mind at times.  I love the rain when I don't have to drive in it.  I love being outside in the rain if it falls in gentle sprinkles and I can face the sky and enjoy each droplet, like a seedling.

Sometimes we need to get wet, or we need to feel uncomfortable, to grow.

Rain helps things grow . . .


quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

Hi Fannie! Yes we all need a little rain now and then to make us grow:) I hope this note finds you doing well and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

WoolenSails said...

I definitely need to get my sketchbook out and just draw things around me. It will be good practice to draw again.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


Fannie said...

Hi, Jenna Louise. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you and your family enjoy the Thanksgiving celebrations. You're the BEST ♥♫♥

Hi, Debbie. Sketching is a good exercise to train your eyes and hands. I find that "seeing" is clearer after each sketch. Have fun sketching and creating. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful that you visit often. You're the BEST. Happy Thanksgiving ♥♫♥