Friday, December 10, 2010

All I Have Left--AAQI Art Quilt--WIP

All I Have Left, Mixed Media Art Quilt, 9" x 12"
© 2010 Fannie Narte

"All I Have Left" will be flying to AAQI for Christmas and will wait for a new home.  She was a joy to work on.  I have a few beads to stitch or Swarovski crystals to consider, then binding, labeling and finish the registration process before sending her off.

This quilt was hand painted with several layers using acrylics and wax crayons.  It was machine and hand stitched and embellished with ribbon roses and beading.

ALL I HAVE LEFT--The Inspiration

My journal writing about this piece:

"I have pictures of you and me, the one with you standing beside me on the pink carousel horse wearing my new pink dress and shiny black shoes. 

"I have pictures of you and me, the one with you holding my hand because I was scared to go to kindergarten that first day of school.  I was wearing a new pink dress and shiny black shoes.

"I have pictures of you and me, the one with you dancing with me at the Christmas party.  Remember that one?  In the background, your friends are smiling and my friends are snickering.

"I am imagining you and me dancing the waltz today.  I'm wearing my white dress, the one that mom wore, my string of pearls that you gave me on my graduation day, and my shiny white shoes.

"But all I have left are these photos . . . of you and me."


Give an art quilt for Christmas and help us find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.  Visit the AAQI auction.

Happy Holidays,


Vicki W said...

She's beautiful!

Terri Stegmiller said...

She's got attitude!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful piece and a wonderful cause.