Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seeing From Where I Stand--The Sketchbook Project

 Seeing from where I stand.

These photos, which were taken in Hawaii, are the inspiration
for my sketches in
The Sketchbook Project
organized by Art-House Co-op.
 Here it is, days before
the submission deadline,
and I'm still working on my sketches.  Yikes!

Here are my ideas about seeing from where I stand . . .
 No matter where you stand,
if you look down,
your perspective is unique,
even a crab would think so.
 What you see won't be the same
as the fishes in the sea
who are irritated with you,
a strange creature, who is
taking away their enjoyment in the warmth and sunlight.
 There's beauty all around,
if we take the time to

If you look this way . . .
or look that way . . .
 or even if you look upside down . . .


is all around.

And these photos are the inspiration for


My theme is "The View From Up Here.
I wrote my poetry/essay, then added simple sketches to illustrate my ideas.

 Spread 1

 The view from up here is about seeing.

 I glued the outside and inside cover of the sketchbook with fabric paper made with cheese cloth, tissue paper, muslin and dried rose petals.

 Spread 2

Seeing from where I stand.
Spread 3

It's not about knowing what I see.

This is how I see.  Now back to working on that deadline.

More to come . . .

Nice to see you.  Thanks for looking.   ♥♫♥


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Don't feel bad, you are not the only one completing their Sketchbook at the last minute! I am hoping mine will be dry enough to mail tomorrow.

Fannie said...

I don't feel alone now, Jeanne, thank you. I hope yours will be dry enough to mail tomorrow, too. Mine is taking long because I'm spraying each of my pages because of the graphite. Is it too late to change from using graphite, I wonder? ♥♫♥

Brenda said...

I love the photos and your sketches - wonderful xx

Jacq said...

Great photos and sketching.

Fannie said...

Thanks for looking, Brenda and Jacq.