Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playing With My Fabric Panels

These cushions are inspired by thoughts of Mother's Day, family relationships and friendships.  Playing with my fabric panels "My Mother, My Daughter" and "Tea For Three" and turning them into cushions were fun but a challenge to create without using a pattern, and this was my first time working with piping.  Sewing, unsewing; resewing, unsewing; basting, resewing, unsewing . . . .  I learned a LOT.  But it's all good.  From where I stand, the valuable lessons are found in the process of learning and the end result is the gift or reward of the process.  Right?  ;-D

I definitely could have made it easier for myself by first getting a pattern, then learning how to sew on piping from someone else who has been there and done that.  The wisdom of those who have traveled this road before me has value.

But I didn't do that.

Smart or foolish?  I guess it all depends on where you stand.

Right way or wrong way? 

Easy way or difficult way?

Does it really matter in this case?  True, I might have completed my project in a day had I followed a pattern.  Instead, it took me three days to finish my first cushion.  After the third day, I looked for a video tutorial on how to sew piping onto a cushion and made a trip to the local sewing center and purchased a piping foot.  Yes, I know; I know.  I did not use a piping foot when I made my first cushion.  That would have lessened the frustration by at least half, right?  I imagine my second cushion will be easier and finished sooner--or should I say "I hope my second cushion . . ."?

Excuse the poor quality of my photos, please.  Here is a close-up showing my stenciled painting and hand stitching with black embroidery floss.

 Tea For Three Fabric Panel
© 2011 Fannie Narte
And here is my second cushion, a work in progress. This time my frustration level will be less, the time to complete this cushion will be less, the unsewing will be less, the amount of thread used will be less . . . leaving more time to . . . play with my fabric panels and using them in making zippered bags.  Hmmmm, do you suppose I should get a pattern for a bag first and find an online video to learn how to sew a zipper on a bag . . . ?

Should I or shouldn't I?

Prepare first or just dive in?

Smart or foolish?  I guess it all depends on where you stand.

Right way or wrong way? 

Easy way or difficult way?

Does it really matter in this case?

It seems I've traveled this road before . . .

Just have FUN!  ♥♫♥


WoolenSails said...

I love your pillow, it is so beautiful with your design and your hand stitching. I need to make some for my couch and painted ones, might be best for the style and something that might hold up better than applique. I can never follow a pattern, they confuse me, lol. I do want to make bags, so will try a pattern and if I can't do it, maybe some lessons at the local shop.


Beth said...

Hi Fannie,
I love your fabric panels with the 'girls' on them. I've been eyeing them on Etsy and plan to buy some when I have a little extra cash. I don't sew, so I will have to ask my mom to create something out of them. Haven't decided on whether I want a bag or small quilt with them all togeher. Who knows, maybe you could come up with something more creative than me! Love the 'girls'!

Lorraine said...

great cushion or pillow as you call them