Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lessons from a Fallen Leaf

© 2011 Fannie Narte

An event took place today that will be written about, analyzed and studied by future generations in history books.  What will be written?  What will the experts conclude after their analysis of the steps leading up to this event?  What will college professors teach, and what will students conclude about this event?

Everyone has an opinion.  I have my opinions.  Some people feel relieved and feel that justice has finally been achieved.  These people are celebrating.  Others question the idea of celebrating the death of someone, even him.  Is it right to celebrate?  Is it wrong to celebrate?  I don't have answers, but I think about the questions I have.

This event has affected and changed the entire world.  What is in store for our future, I wonder.  How will this event affect how I create?  Or will it affect my creativity at all?  It must have affected my creativity because I haven't created anything since this news broke.  I'm in a reflective mode, thinking, feeling, questioning . . .

And I found this leaf on my morning walk and couldn't resist taking a picture of it.  It represents what's important to me.  It symbolizes what I try to give to all I meet, every person, furry creatures, feathered friends--everyone.  It represents the idea I hope to portray in every piece of art I create, in the eyes of my girl portraits, in the leaves and petals of the flowers I paint, in the bold red colors of roses and anthuriums, in the soft hues of the ocean's blue, in the lines and squiggles and stencils and stamping of my marks . . .

Yes, this leaf represents what's important to me.  It symbolizes what I try to give to all I meet.  I say "try" because even my best efforts sometimes fail.  Like this leaf has fallen from a tree, I fall.  Oh, I fall a lot, more than I wish to admit to sometimes.  But as many times as I fall, I stand.  It's important to stand after a fall, right?  Sometimes I get right back up, and at other times I need something or someone to lean on to help me stand up.

And that's what this leaf represents to me.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I hope I'll be able to create again.  I know I'll be able to create again.  How do I know that?  How can I be sure about whether or not I will be able to create tomorrow?

Simple . . . I'm standing.

You are loved.

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