Monday, May 30, 2011

In Memoriam

In Memoriam, Art Quilt, 7" x 7"
© 2011 Fannie Narte

"A Dozen Roses" fabric panel is the center of this quilt.  The quilt's design is inspired by the pineapple block.


Sometimes words cannot fully express the feelings in my heart.  Today was that kind of day for me.  I feel gratitude, and I feel sorrow.  I feel happy to live in freedom, and I feel sad for the price that was paid for it. I want to honor our military for their service, and I am sad about war and its consequences.
In days like today, being in my studio surrounded by creative tools like paint and fabric and thread and my sewing machine gave me a space to throw my emotions and use my supplies to speak the songs in my heart.  It made me feel like I could somehow magically make sense of injustice. 

I chose that red fabric, and that other red fabric, and that blue fabric and that other blue fabric, and oh, how I wish I could place a flower on every grave and since I can't do that, I could use my fabric panel of a dozen roses instead, and stitch my gratitude in the quilt, and remember . . . just remember . . . and maybe even dream that my stitches could repair hate and that if I use red and blue fabrics and black and white threads, I could somehow help others see the beauty in rainbows, and as I connect one piece of fabric to another piece of fabric, maybe somehow those connections could translate into acceptance and understanding between people of the world.

My quilt is done.  I am satisfied.  I feel heard.  It was stitched with love, remembrance and gratitude.

Thank you.


WoolenSails said...

That is such a beautiful piece, I really love it.
And I love what you wrote and what you said, my sentiments exactly.


Lisa M Griffin said...

It is beautiful Fannie. What a wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing.

Jacq said...

Very nice.