Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playing . . . Fabric Panels to Pin Cushions

 A Dozen Roses Pin Cushion

Most of my fabric panels measure 6" x 6" and have multiple uses.  Cushions and bags are a favorite with my customers.  Here's another idea--pin cushions!  These finished pin cushions were glued inside small wooden bowls that make a perfect presentation and companion in the sewing room.

This is the 6" x 6" fabric panel I used in this pin cushion.  The original mixed media art quilt, which measures 9" x 9" is in the May AAQI online quilt auction.  If you hurry, you might be able to win the original for your studio.  The auction ends in approximately 11 hours.  Your bid helps raise money for Alzheimer's research.

 Here's a side view of the pin cushion.
 Here's a photo of three pin cushions I've made . . . so far . . . in between family visits, morning walks, morning paintings, shopping . . . what a life!

My Blue Roses fabric panel is divided into six segments, a perfect candidate for this pin cushion.

 Here's a top view of the pin cushion.  See how the six segments made it easy for me to add the black thread . . . evenly?

Had to make a pin cushion from one of my morning paintings.  I stitched "c-r-e-a-t-e" in black embroidery floss within the six segments.
 © 2011 Fannie Narte

I think these pin cushions make great gifts and companions in your studio.  Make one for yourself today.  There are lots of tutorials on the internet. I'll write a tutorial and share how I made my pin cushions some time . . . not soon, though.  I'm still enjoying the sights, sounds, smells . . . the feeling of Aloha in paradise.

Do something creative for yourself today.


Kuuipo said...

So creative!! I like the little holders too! :) Can "accessorize" and swap out the different pin cushions :D

WoolenSails said...

Those panels make beautiful pin cushions.
Still trying to decide on a purse design, have you made yours yet?


Fannie said...

Thanks, Ipo. The pin cushions are glued to the wooden bowl. ;-D Do you want to make one in pink?

Hi, Debbie. I haven't made my purse yet. Will probably make it when I return home. Painting like a mad woman . . . ♥♫♥

Jacq said...

Your pin cushions are very nice. I love all the different things you have done with your fabric. How much longer will you be in Hawaii?