Friday, July 29, 2011

I am a Woman Being

I am a Woman Being, Mixed Media on Canvas Panel, 8" x 8"
© 2011 Fannie Narte

 Just Step Onto the Stage and Sing

Yin and yang, positive and negative, opposites . . . balance.  Trying to find my way through life is both fun and challenging.  It's exciting when things go well, and difficult when I have to step onto the stage and just sing with whatever I've got. 


When I was a young girl, I was happy climbing the mango tree and the mountain apple tree and the guava tree and exploring the world of creatures chasing bumble bees, finding lizard eggs and dissecting a brown spider's egg sack--eeewwww!

Promises, Promises

Ahhh, those delicate teenage years of the BIG search--looking for acceptance from peers, parents, popular people--making promises and breaking them and making more promises and breaking them again.

Where Did I Go?

But I'm no longer in high school--though my mind still races as though I'm a teenager.  And, yes, I'm no longer that curious young girl bold enough to explore the world of mysteries and science in my backyard.  What happened?  Where did my bravery go?  Where did my sense of adventure go?


Perhaps I lost my way because I thought I had to be this person--not that person.  Or maybe I lost my way because I was so busy trying to be the mother I thought my faith taught me to be.  Or maybe I lost my way because I was living a life within a box that my teachers told me I should live within.  Perhaps I could have jumped into a bigger box?  :-D  Or maybe I lost my way because I was afraid to go outside the boundaries of traditions.


Or maybe I wasn't lost.  Maybe I was never lost after all.  Maybe while I was so busy doing and thinking and trying and falling and laughing and climbing and singing and dancing and playing and getting muddy and traveling and crying and wishing and dreaming and shopping and painting and sewing and learning and reading and weaving and weeding and flying with the butterflies . . . maybe I was learning how to accept myself, maybe I was just enjoying whatever was in my life at the moment, maybe I was gathering wisdom and knowledge along the way and realizing that I'm just happy to be me.  I was just living each day the best I knew how.  I was just "being."

The following poem was inspired by these ideas and is found on the background of today's art:

I am a Woman -- Being

When you look at me,
do you see?

a child asking,
a girl searching,
a teenager knowing,
a friend sharing,
a sister lifting,
a mother nurturing,
a grandmother playing.

When you look at me,
do you see?

I am a woman -- being.
~Fannie Narte~

Behind the chaos and challenges and choices and curiosities and celebrations--there is me, being.

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?  I see you -- being.   ♥♫♥

5 comments: said...

Hey Sis,
Oh how I have missed you :) Sorry been away taking care of myself and my health. I love the poem and your art on this post. I will do some catching up!!!

Hugz Lorie

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful posting, I think it means the same for a lot of us.


Kaimoana said...

Beautiful words Fannie <3

Thank you for sharing. :)

<3 Luv U

Kaimoana said...

Very beautiful words from woman to woman <3

Thank you :-)

Jacq said...

Love your thoughts. When I think of you, I see a wonderful caring person.