Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friendship Tea 1--WIP

Friendship Tea 1, Work in Progress, Mixed Media Art Quilt, 9" x 12"
© 2011 Fannie Narte

Creating art without all of my supplies pushes me to work outside of the box.  I'm not sure if I like this design, but adding the quilting and finishing touches may make it better.


Jules Rushing said...

Being forced to work outside of our boxes is a good thing! It "makes" us think and work a more creatively and if the exercise fails, at least we learn that we don't like that process and it's time to try something else. I've had lots of those days!
Miss you! Looking forward to spending a "Studio Day" with you!
BTW, I like this piece! Your quilting will make it wonderful!

Fannie said...

Hi, Jules. Miss you too and look forward to spending a day or two days or ??? days . . . in the Studio with you. Was hoping to submit this piece for the SAQA exhibit, but won't make the deadline. ;-(