Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Untitled, Mixed Media Fiber Art, 9" x 12"
© 2011 Fannie Narte

This is a work in progress, which was created a week or two ago, and it has inspired my series work I have begun in a class with Lisa Call.  I'm excited to see where my art will take me in the next few weeks.


If you choose colors that excite you, maybe you'll be excited while working on your piece.

If you allow your life's experiences to inform where you make a cut in your fabric and whether or not you make a straight cut, or a jagged cut or a crooked cut or a smooth cut, maybe you'll produce art that expresses what your life's experiences feel like.

If you choose to connect all of your pieces with thread or embroidery floss or fusible webbing or other fiber or medium, maybe you'll understand how your art mirrors what you think about the connections and relationships you make in your life.

If you add text to your work by stamping, stenciling, writing, painting or some other form, maybe your art will show you what you think about or what you believe.

I don't know if all of the things I just wrote are true, but it seems to be true for me.  Is it true for you?

I know my name is Fannie Narte.  I know my zip code.  I know my parents are Cayetano and Mary Reyes.  I know I was born in Waipunalei, Hawaii.  I know I graduated from Laupahoehoe High and Elementary School.  I know the facts about who I am.

Life has also shown me who I am by the choices I've made, by the words I use, by the relationships I cherish, by the activities that occupy my days.

I'm hoping that "if" I show up each day in my studio, open and ready to create, maybe . . . someday . . . I'll know how to express what's in me . . . with passion.

Imagine every day in your art studio creating with passion!


Kelly Warren said...

This is beautiful Fannie. I love the colors and the juxtaposition of the jagged edges. And all those "ifs." Good things to think about. Working with colors I like definitely influences me. I have a hard time working in colors that I don't like.

Diana Evans said...

Hello SWeet Fannie!!!! I miss you so.....I was so thrilled you popped in....you must have psychic powers....I was just looking at all of the art I have of yours...and thinking about you yesterday!!!! what a coincidence!!!!

Your work is amazing and I need to pop by more often!!!!!


WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful way to think about how and why we create the way we do.