Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pojagi -- An Interview With Chunghie Lee by Liz Cooper

This video is how I first discovered pojagi and Artist, Writer, Lecturer, Teacher Chunghie Lee.  The following text is from the description section of the above You Tube video:
"Not satisfied with traditional folding cloth methods alone, Chunghie Lee embraced the classical art form of Pojagi, and further expanded on it with a line of wearable art clothing, wall hangings, and multi-dimensional textiles, often incorporating old photographic images of simple peasant women peering out at us alone and in groups, as Lee puts it "in order to recognize and pay homage to the contribution they made to this traditional art form over the centuries."
"Liz Cooper caught up with Chunghie Lee and interviewed her at the 2009 Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.

"Filmed and Edited by Andrew Galli • Translations by Donghoon Ryan Lee"
Since viewing this video, I've researched the web and bookstores for more information.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much information, and I'll share what I find here in upcoming posts.  Enjoy!

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Lisa M Griffin said...

Wonderful share Fannie. Thank you so much & enjoy your weekend,
Lisa :)