Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lokahi -- Harmony, Unity

Lokahi, Mixed Media

Lokahi (Left)

Lokahi (Right)
© 2012 Fannie Narte

Two more pieces For Sale at the Rumley Art Gallery in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.


"Lokahi means unity, to be expressed with harmony."


My work is usually inspired by a word or idea or theme or emotion, and when I work on the piece, I consider each element carefully, thoughtfully select colors, and add shapes and lines that express the emotions I'm feeling at the moment.  In life, we make choices and sometimes change our minds and make different choices, and maybe even return to our original choice--my painting goes through similar changes.  I change a square into a rectangle, paint over a cool color and change it to a warmer shade, etc.   During the creative process, my ideas merge with my paints and canvas, and the experience becomes an artful meditation.

Although I create with specificity, I invite you, my viewers, to make your own personal interpretation.  Whatever you see in my pieces, I hope you see "generosity" and "gratitude," and I hope you feel "Accepted"  and "Loved."

Feel the music of acceptance, share the fruits of gratitude and hear the lyrics of love each day . . .


Lorraine said...

reminds me of Braque or Picasso..very nice..good luck with the gallery

WoolenSails said...

I instantly felt warmth and a calm when I looked at your new piece, beautiful work and I can see your stay has inspired you to create even more beautiful pieces.


Lisa M Griffin said...

Harmonious! LOVE, the colors are perfect and it has such great texture.

Jacq said...

Very nice, love the colors and design.