Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love and Aloha

 Love and Aloha, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 11"x14"
© 2012 Fannie Narte

My paintings are a visual fusion of my view of the spiritual and material world. The colors of the rainbow are in each painting and it represents "Hope," hope for a better life, hope for a better condition, hope for healing, hope for magic and miracles, hope for more love and less fear, hope for more acceptance and less rejection, hope for a sense of community and unity and less exclusivity. Hope for a better world.


Each painting has many layers-- around 50 layers, more or less--of subtle washes of acrylic paint. It is symbolic of the many layers each of us collect throughout our lifetimes. I spend a lot of time in the eyes trying to get the emotions just right in order to portray love, hope, fearlessness and gentleness. It takes an average of two weeks to complete a painting. Some paintings take longer.


Light represents truth, purity, love, strength, courage, peace, hope--everything that's good. Light is an energy source that absorbs the darkness in places, people or things filled with confusion, hate, despair and fear. I purposely create light in my paintings using special techniques.


In the backgrounds of my paintings, you'll find elements that are meaningful to me: music, ukuleles, flowers, plants, leaves, trees, friendly creatures and other images from nature. If you search the surface, sometimes you may find a word or two like "love, aloha, magic, miracles, hope," etc. painted in the background.

Love and Aloha

Love and Aloha, or The Spirit of Aloha, was inspired by my daughters Ku'ulei and Ku'uipo. Ku'ulei means "Sweet Blossom" and Ku'uipo means "Sweetheart" or "My Beloved." The Spirit of Aloha is about the giving and receiving of unconditional love. This is the kind of love I know. It is the kind of love I was taught by my parents and caring family members and friends. It is the kind of love I try to practice each and every day, though oftentimes imperfectly. It is the kind of love I hope I have taught my daughters and grandchildren. It is the kind of love I hope for all to experience on a regular basis. It is the kind of love that will heal the world.

Love and Aloha. The Spirit of Aloha. Unconditional love.

I am attempting to bring attention to the importance of unconditional love and fearlessness to the world one painting at a time.

Thanks for visiting. I wish you love, hope and peace.


WoolenSails said...

Your thoughts and feelings of love, show through in your new painting, radiates warmth and love.


Lorraine said...

aloha very dreamy ethereal looking

Fannie said...

Thanks, Debbie and Lorraine!