Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Look Back in Time . . .

After the Show, WIP, Colored Pencil, 8" x 10"
© 2009 Fannie Narte

This slideshow doesn't show the finished piece, but it's a good look at my work-in-progress photos while painting After the Show 2 using colored pencils.
My journey into the realm of Fine Art started with exploring colored pencils as a medium because I was interested in creating portraits.

My first pieces were all still life . . . I used what I had . . . the kukui nut lei, cups and a piece of lace.

Then quickly moved to dessert . . . on a blue plate given to me by my good friend Pat, who is watching me from heaven.

And another "sweet" dessert, a work-in-progress photo.

And back to painting cups with a Kukui Nut Lei.

Then discovered my favorite product, Neocolors, (which I use on fabrics), for use as underpainting in my colored pencil paintings, Thank You Ranjini!

And a fun colored pencil painting of an apple emerging, representing me emerging from darkness as an artist . . . Yes, I see symbolism in everything . . .

And took workshops from Nicole Caulfield and produced this painting.  I also took workshops from Ann Kullberg, the colored pencil portrait artist who opened up my world to Fine Art.


Before this point, I made quilts . . . memory quilts, custom hawaiian quilts, portrait quilts, quilts for my family, quilts for my friends, wedding quilts, etc.  I own a few, sold a few and gave away a lot.
 Crystal Star Quilt,
Made by Me, Designed by Jinny Beyer


I also owned a business called "Gifts of Love" and taught weekly stamping and craft classes in my home for years.  We created together, talked story, uplifted one another; it was a nurturing time for all of us.   Students came fearful of making mistakes and went home feeling success and returned to grow their art and expand their fearless hearts.


At the same time I owned Gifts of Love, I also taught hula classes, was a certified personal trainer and taught exercise classes in our City's Adult Education program, an original 45-minute exercise class titled Hula for Fitness.  We warmed up using the poi balls, a Polynesian dance instrument, which I thought was great for working on those swaying "hula arms," while dancing to the right and left, kaholo steps to the beat of the Ipu Heke, a Hawaiian percussion instrument made from dried gourds, played by my husband, Tremayne.  Life is more fun when you experience it with loved ones.  ;-D


Hula for Fitness was a six-week session.  The first class, they were greeted with a lei (silk leis or shell leis and once I made T-Leaf leis) and given their own set of poi balls.  During our workout, I would teach them Hawaiian words such as imua--forward, or place names and teach them a bit of history of the words and places.  While this was interesting to them, it was an effective tool to keep their focus on the fun rather than the pain of the class.  


At the sixth class, we celebrated their success. Their family and friends were invited.  This was the students' opportunity to shine and "show off" their routines.  We had ono (delicious) food and desserts.  Completion certificates were presented, photos taken and a parting gift given.  

When a student doesn't want to leave, the teacher feels the experience is complete.

During the beginning, my classes were attended by women.  Later, my classes were joined by professional hula dancers, mothers-and-daughters, those who could not find success in other exercise programs, the elderly, those who were medically challenged.  As in my weekly stamping and craft classes, my Hula for Fitness students attended their first class with apprehension and fear, and left feeling success and joy, feelings I hoped would continue in their daily experiences. 


Love and Aloha, Painting on Canvas
© 2012 Fannie Narte

My experiences from these activities have informed the art I create today.  I paint imaginary portraits of girls and women inspired by my experiences with my daughters, my mom, my women mentors, my students.  Their fears, their joys, their successes, their dreams, their hopes, and my wishes for them for all that's good are in each of my paintings.
 Where I Live There Are Rainbows, Painting on Stretched Canvas, 11" x 14"
© 2012 Fannie Narte

Now that I'm living in Hawaii, my paintings are evolving again as the Hawaiian culture, landscape, seascape and lifestyle inspire what shows up on my canvases today.
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WoolenSails said...

I love your pencil pieces, really nice use of shadow and light along with depth. But I do love your new art and the emotions it evokes.


Fannie said...

Thanks, Debbie. Your comments mean a lot to me. I'm glad things worked out for you and your hubby. Take care, My Dear. You are loved. ♥♫♥

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a wonderful share... I love enjoying another artist's WIP, to catch a glimpse of their own creative process. Have a great week Fannie. :)

Lorraine said...

fascinating insight into hawaian culture thanks for sharing