Friday, February 8, 2013

A Gift from Dreama Tolle Perry--Be Inspired

Dreama is a talented and generous artist and writer.  She wrote this book available as a free download.  You can read it here, or click on the link to get your own free download available as a pdf file.  This is what she wrote on her blog: 

The book is available to read online, to download, to print out, to share with your best-est friend:))
Spread JOY!
Click here for your free ebook.
Thank you, Dreama!  I'm spreading joy.
Dreama talks about "glimmer" sightings:
The universe speaks fairly softly. It wants to see if we are indeed tuning in, listening for our next directive. It takes time, so they say, to create a new habit; 21 days in a row is supposed to do the trick. Personally, I think having an epiphany can cut that down to say....0 minutes.

A knowing that this is how it works suddenly moves “glimmer” to the head of the line in terms of what gets your attention. When you recognize that this is how Source, creativity, and inspiration, is showing up---that this is how the game is played, you realize you don’t want to wait, to put it on hold, take a message, or get back with it later. Later never comes. It’s now or never---at least for that particular inspiration. ~Dreama Tolle Perry
Have a great weekend.  I wish you abundance and inspiration.  Enjoy!

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