Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 Days 30 Paintings Collage

 30 Days 30 Paintings Collage
© 2013 Fannie Narte

One painting at a time.  Try new techniques.  Paint small.  Explore series painting.  That's how I approached this challenge. 

Then life happened . . . and I had to make an unexpected trip out of town.  In order to stay in the game and create a space of peace amongst chaos, I had to pre-paint and pre-post several paintings onto my blog.  My mind was partly in the challenge and mostly in the reason for my unexpected trip.  I wasn't going to worry about what I couldn't do.  I was just going to do what I could do.

Travel.  Help.  Love.  Grateful.

It would be interesting to know if other challengers experienced twists and turns like I did. 

A trip to the local hobby store.  Buy new oil paints and learn to use and "accept" a different color palette--temporarily.  Ugh!!!  Working on the 30-Day challenge in a new space, with new supplies and life's daily twists and turns.

Focus.  Show up.  Being.  Doing.

That was my practice for the remainder of the 30-Day Challenge.

Time flies.  Hearts peaceful.  

I finished.  I Did It!




Beth Hartford said...

They are all lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!! Hugs!

Kellie Chasse said...

Congrats on completing the challenge Fannie! Love how you approached it, and your painting are lovely! Hope to connect on facebook!
~Happy Paining

Laurel said...

Lovely. Well done, that's hard!