Saturday, December 14, 2013

Be Love, Mug Rug/Mini Quilt

Be Love, Mug Rug/Quilt, 5.75" x 5.75"
© 2013 Fannie Narte

Welcome your new day with a fresh cup of your favorite drink on this beautiful and unique mug rug.

Another little quilt to celebrate Love and Joyful living.


Love Notes . . . words spoken or written or just thought . . . send out feelings of acceptance, kindness, joyfulness . . . L O V E.
The best way to express good feelings in any relationship is to speak words of "Love," send Love Notes, surround yourself with "loving" reminders of living Joyfully!

You are loved,


Sherry Carrigan said...

Oh I recognize that batik border. :). I have the same still in my stash. Hope all is well with you and yours Fannie.

Fannie said...

Happy New Year, Sherry! I just found your comment (and others in my spam box) ???

Yes, lovely fabric. Have pieces left for special future projects. Hope all is well with you too. Have a fantastic new year!!!