Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Creating Art is Like Meeting Someone New--Art Quilt

Upside Down, Right Side Up, Art Quilt, 15"x17"
© 2014 Fannie Narte
Playing with Batiks . . . exploring, cutting, flipping, writing, new thoughts, new designs, ever evolving, never ending.

Pieces of My Heart
Creating art is like meeting someone new and finding out your connection is not only timely, but magical. 
Allow My Art to Flow
You share your ideas with each other and creativity flows bringing more ideas, bringing new ideas, innovative ideas, and your conversation takes you to a creative space where you're surrounded with endless inspiration, one new word is connected to that word that she said, and one new idea appeared because she felt safe to share her dreams with you.  
Magical Creation
You both know this was a set up because you both feel the ease and magic that comes from your special connection.  Things are happening fast and you don't care because you are enjoying the ride, and the journey and possibilities of a bright future erase the clocks of your mind, and time stands still.

Take a Hike, Fear!

Then something unexpected happens that disrupt the flow you had, which you thought was unbreakable.  The connection is on "pause."  How long will the pause last before you reconnect with your friend, you wonder?  Should I reach out and let her know I'm excited to continue with our project, or do I patiently wait until she shows up when she's ready?

Reconnect With Self

"Just be yourself," I say to myself.  But my mind is cloudy with the "shoulds" of proper etiquette and the "shouldn't's" of impatience and disrespect.  "Just be yourself," I tell myself again.

Re-Evaluate the Design

So I choose to be patient and wait until she lets me know she's ready to proceed, and while I try to be patient, I default to entertaining the negative noises in my head that threaten to take me down a path that I shouldn't go because I really do know better than to entertain negativity--right?

Re-Think the Composition

The noises keep showing up and makes me feel like someone is slowly and steadily trying to break down my foundation, chipping away a bit at a time until the contrast of the "shoulds" and "shouldn't's" finally show me (again) what "being myself" looks like.

 I See My Friend

I stand up.  I show up.  I take action, and I wait, and I see, and I see more clearly, and the colors are now moving around into their rightful places, and I allow the design to guide my hands, and I know I'm on the right path because I feel happy.

Peace Within My Heart

Gold text, flip strips, stitches, quilting . . . binding, signing, label . . . finished.  Another beautiful journey has come to an end, a creative process that brought me gifts of conquering fears, indecision, noises, clarifying my vision with each happy step I take towards another beautiful creation infused with everything that is good.  Friends reconnect.  I see.

Thankful.  Joyful.


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Denise Spillane said...

Hi sweet friend, this is amazing. You keep outdoing yourself and I look forward to seeng each new creation.

WoolenSails said...

That came out beautifully, never thought to recut into batiks to get a new design, nice idea.


Lisa M Griffin said...

Fannie, this is lovely! Do you ever use an encaustic techniques... did I spell that right? I just love the texture in this work.