Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Friendship Tea Quilt--Grace

Grace, 16.5" x 16.5" quilt block
© 2014 Fannie Narte


That's how you define "play."  F - U - N !!!


In the summer of 2009, I created my first fabric panel, "Kindred Spirits," from my mixed media painting of the same name.  It was a time of self-discovery and exploration, and my blog was titled "Imagine, Create, Inspire."  Five years later, I have a potpourri of 39 different fabric panels, which are available in my Etsy shop, many panels made from images in my Friendship Series of mixed media paintings.

Why Did I?

It may be that I produced fabric panels from my artwork because I wanted to make my images available to everyone at a reasonable price.  During that time, I was offering my images as prints.

It could also be that I wanted to use them in my own work making art quilts, journals, fabric postcards, purses, all of which would make unique gifts at a reasonable price. Who knows for sure.

Reasonable . . .

"Reasonable price" seems to be a recurring theme . . .


Fast forward to 2014, I finally carved out time to design quilt blocks to make fun and easy quilts out of my fabric panels, an idea that was dancing in my head for the past . . . oh, five years or so.  A different 6-inch square fabric panel is featured in every block ("approximately" 6-inch square).

Friendship Tea Quilt

"Friendship Tea" is the name of my first quilt featuring six different fabric panels in quilt blocks I titled "Friendship Tea."  For the quilt block police out there whose job it is to accurately document its history--thank you for your service, and, yes, this block design is also known as "cups and saucers."  I love "freedom."

Easy -- Peasy

Since this is my first try, this Friendship Tea quilt will be easy to construct with only six blocks.  Yes, I will probably add borders all around and more than likely consult with Fibonacci for help with that--or not.  We'll see.

Oh, and it would be nice if a nice local quilter would show up and nicely say, "I'll quilt that beauty for you for a 'reasonable price'!"

How do you define "Happy"?

J - O - Y

Thanks for reading.  I wish you love, light and joyfulness.

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Sherry Carrigan said...

Well Fannie, I'm not local, but I can offer a reasonable price if you want to ship to me???? Food for thought and I love what you are making with the blocks. Happy Mother's Day. Sherry