Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Spider Web--An Essay

© 2014 Ku'ulei Stephenson

The web provides shelter, food and water to spiders.  Then nature adds a kiss of morning dew to produce this magnificent lace. The spider web, a beautiful, magical creation.  

What you see and how you interpret what you see depends upon your "makaaniani"--eyeglasses, spectacles, crystal eye.

To some, the spider web brings fear, thoughts of an unwanted eight-legged creature lurking nearby. To the women of the Victorian era, the spider web is an embellishment for their crazy quilts.  To exploring children, the web could be play time in nature's lab, tossing a blade of grass, a clump of dirt or a tiny pebble to see what sticks and what doesn't.

When my daughter texted this photo to me this morning, she said:  "It looks like diamond-y, sparkly, crystal-y lace!  So little and delicate and could easily be missed but so stunning.  It's a lot like life. . . ."

Yes, Ku'ulei.  It's a lot like life.  Scary sometimes, delicate and beautiful oftentimes, and when you create each moment from your best self and offer it to others, nature kisses it and adds sparklies, a validation, an acknowledgement, "well done," "we see you."

Our work is to "see" all the sparklies, and when we do, a grateful heart is born.

The spider web, a beautiful and magical creation.  Life, a beautiful and magical creation.

What you see and how you interpret what you see depends upon your makaaniani.

Mahalo and Aloha,


jennalouisecreates said...

Fannie I am back! (quiltcrazygaljennalouise) is now Jennalouisecreates! I needed to get back into the blogging world again, it gave me so much peace, creativity and friendships. You were my first blogging friend and I wanted to tell you first I started my blog over. Life changed a lot for me, but I found creating has never left my soul. Oh I love this spiderweb, I took a very similar photo this past fall. Amazing beauty. As always your creations are stunning, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to catching up with you!

Lisa M Griffin said...

How BEAUTIFUL! and what a lovely sentiment Fannie. So true and I love how soft and inviting "makaaniani" sounds. Thank you for sharing your giving, positive and inspiring spirit! :)