Tuesday, March 3, 2015

International Drum Day

© 2014 Fannie Narte

Today is International Drum Day!

I made this drum over the weekend at the Kalaemano Learning Center in Kona, Hawaii through the Drum Speak organization facilitated by Elizabeth Theriault.  It was a full two days of learning. Some of the highlights were a guided tour to the coastline with Auntie Lei, a demo and talk about Hawaiian kapa making with Ben and drum circles.

The underside of the drum.


In silence, we learn of ourselves and others.
In silence, we see our connection to nature.

In chosen words, we speak gratitude.
In chosen words, we share our hearts.

Our hearts listen.  Our mind accepts.  Our bodies are full.

We are One.  One is All.  All is One.

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WoolenSails said...

It is wonderful that you could make your own. I love music and used to play the piano and harmonica. My sister got a native american flute, and it got me interested in playing one. I got a cheap recorder to practice with and if I know I will stay interested, then I will get a real flute.