Friday, November 11, 2016

The Hungry One -- #1

The Hungry One, A Tea Time Tale, #1
Copyright 2016 Fannie Narte

One day the Hungry One found the teacher in the garden.

"Teacher, how do I know which one to choose?"

The teacher replied, "One fits.  One does not."

"Teacher, how do I know which fits and which does not?"

"Ahh," the teacher sighed.

The Hungry One waited in silence.

The teacher smiled.  "Some serve.  Some do not."

"Teacher, what serves and what does not?"

"One elevates all and takes away from none.  One does not."

The Hungry One sat in silence.  The Hungry One smiled and went home.

The teacher smiled.  "Ahh." -- Fannie



I call this my "story spool."  It's a creative way for me to store and display my tales about the "Hungry One."  I have many more tales waiting for their very own spool ... so much fun!!!


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