Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lovejoy--Happy New Year!

© 2017 Fannie Narte

Lovejoy.  A feeling.  A condition.  A life choice.  A noun.  A verb.  An adjective.

How's your heart?

The stories we tell and keep alive live in our hearts.  If they're stories that serve us, then we feel lovejoy.  If they're stories that do not serve us and bring pain, dissatisfaction and offness, then we could feel burdened, or angry, alone, fearful, etc.

What stories live in your heart?

The condition of our hearts are determined by the stories that live in our hearts. Do your stories bring you love, joy and freedom? Do your stories bring you pain?

Until I discovered my stories and learned to understand each of them and their purposes and gifts, I did not realize the power that these stories had on my well being. When I was able to see and receive the transformative gifts that are included within my stories, then I was able to appreciate all my stories, especially those that brought me pain. Lovejoy!

Once I collected my gifts, my painful stories served its purpose and were released. They no longer occupied space in my heart. Yay! Space for creativity! Lovejoy!

Our stories bring us joy and pain.  If we keep the joyful stories in our hearts, then our interactions with others will be joyful. If we keep the painful stories safe, protected and honored in our hearts, then over time, those stories and all its pain will leak into our hearts and flow into our words, thoughts and actions.

Keeping and releasing stories. New beginnings. Ahhh. Happy New Year!

Collecting gifts from my stories. Growth. Ahhh. Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas every day in 2017.  Ahhh . . . 

You are loved! Lovejoy!

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