Monday, May 1, 2017

Different Voices, Similar Songs

Different Voices, Similar Songs
Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas, 8"x8"
© 2011 Fannie Narte

Today is May Day! In Hawaii, May Day is celebrated with a festival that usually includes cultural dancing, music and lei making--in Hawaii, May Day is lei day.  I thought of picking some wildflowers from the neighborhood fields to make a lei, but I thought of doing something "different."

What is a Lei?

Well, it's sort of a wreath made of fresh flowers and greenery and is usually worn around the neck or head, and if you're a hula dancer, leis are also worn around wrists and ankles.

What is the significance of a lei?  Well, a lei is a gift of the heart, an "Aloha" gift, which is given to honor someone and celebrate an event such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary or to say, "Until we meet again." Lei's can be bought and lei's can be made.  As with all things homemade, the lei's that are handmade are infused with the love and care of the one who made it.

Different Ways of Celebrating the Same Day

So today, people throughout the world celebrate May Day in their own way.  I will celebrate May Day throughout the month revisiting my past "lei's"--my artworks--which are creations that were made by my hand and is infused with my love and care--Lovejoy! Enjoy!

The theme of today's post is timeless as its message is true today.  The following is the text from my journal written six years ago in 2011, which inspired "Different Voices, Similar Songs":

"We look different from one another on the outside, but on the inside, we yearn for the same respect, we hope for kindness to fill the world, we pray for the safety of our loved ones and our children, we celebrate accomplishments, we believe in goodness, we dream big, we survive life's challenges, and we laugh at silly jokes.

We are similar in more ways than we are different.

We all long to be accepted, just as we are ..."

Yes, we are different, but the same.  We see the world from our unique and individual lenses, many different perspectives. That's the beauty of this world--Variety.


How can we learn different things from the "same" teachers? How can we enjoy country, pop, jazz or R&B music if only classical music was available? Variety.

How can we produce a colorful painting if the only paint available was brown? Variety.

How can we enjoy freedom in a world that says we all should be doctors? Is there freedom in a world that tells you what you can or cannot do or be?  You cannot be an attorney.  You cannot be a dancer, actor or musician. Variety.

Today I celebrate "Variety."  I enjoy variety.  I enjoy learning from a variety of teachers.  I enjoy learning different languages, about different cultures and belief systems. We live in a world filled with a variety of many different flavors to satisfy all our senses.

What would happen if we saw ourselves within the many available varieties? What would happen if we sought to understand and accept all of the varieties and earnestly seek to live in harmony with all varieties?

I love varieties.  I enjoy varieties--however, my inner circle knows I prefer certain varieties of a "chocolate" nature.  ;-D

A lei is a Gift of Love.  It's a Gift of Aloha.  If you ever receive a lei from a stranger or a loved one, know that you are appreciated and loved.

We can give a variety of gifts each day to all we meet. Why not choose to offer love, peace and joy (Lovejoy) in the form of a variety of ways: kindness, acceptance, freedom, nonjudgment--to all of our fellow beautiful varieties ... I choose Lovejoy. What say you? ;-D

You are loved.

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